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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SquareOnBoard Wordle

Wordle of code. This is heavily commented for Intellisense, causing the popularity of see, summary and returns. The class itself, SquareOnBoard, is more common than other classes such as MGCell or ExportParameter so not too bad on the feature envy front. I see there are both string.Empty and String.Empty, and we're using null rather than a Null object.

Here's a second class. In this case I got Wordle to include common words, so if appears. I also used the alphabetic sort option. This one has no Intellisense comments. The effect of these changes is to see that I use r and c variables, and increment both with ++. The class itself, Surface, is hardly mentioned while the work it does is clearly on squares of various sorts. m is actually the m_ prefix on a member variable.

What fun is!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Agile 2011 Sessions, Notes and Links


Fluency over Proficiency: Accelerating Agile Learning and “Hunting Language”, Willem Larsen
Also known as who I crashed and burned at learning American Sign Language

The Transformation Priority Premise, Robert C. Martin
Bowling score game : designed 400 lines, test driven 14 lines


Fluency over Proficiency again, as an Open Jam session. I moved on a little bit.

Powerful Questions, Carlton Nettleton

Adaptive Leadership: Accelerating Organizational Agility, Jim Highsmith

Lightning Talks including Michael Feathers on limits of agile


Creating an Environment by Making, Keeping, and Amending Agreements, Amr Elssamadisy

Continuous Integration, Jez Humble

Agile Game Incubator, Michael McCulloch and Don McGreal
Zhong Zhi, a one-handed agile game invented and refined

Making Hard Choices about Technical Debt, Nanette Brown, Robert Nord
Board game fun, and yay I beat Elisabeth Hendrickson
See Ward Cunningham's OOPSLA 92 presentation

Lightning Talks including


Creating Customer Delight, Stephen Denning
Net Promoter Score = Reichheld’s single question to customers. How likely are you to recommend us? 0 No – 10 Definitely. Count 9s +10s less 0-6s. Positive territory is good.

Experimentation: a Missing Agile Practice, Arlo Belshee

The Kata In The Hat, Emmanuel Gaillot & Jonathan Perret

Slackers and Debtors: Meet Commitments, Reduce Debt, and Improve Performance, James Shore


Code, Kevlin Henney
The Agile Mindset, Linda Rising


I think middle management gets a bad rap [applause] Jim Highsmith
Without exception, all of my biggest mistakes occurred because I moved too slowly. John Chambers, CISCO CEO, quoted by Jim Highsmith
“It’s not an act, is it Bob?” friend of Robert Martin, on finding him playing with his laser pointer in a mirrored bathroom
As TDD developers, after doing a design, the first thing we do is ignore it RCMartin

“What’s the chance of changing my wife?”
“I divorced mine”
“You gave up on changing your wife”
“No, she gave up on me”


Wildflowers Bed and Breakfast
Sugar House Coffee
Omar's Rawtopia
Wasatch Jazz Project