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Friday, April 25, 2008

Only The Important Ones

Some quotations from Extreme Programming Examined ed Giancarlo Succi and Michele Marchesi, Addison-Wesley 2001.

Is Design Dead Martin Fowler

"I certainly still reach for GOF whenever I feel a pattern coming on."

"Don't draw every class - only the important ones. For each class, don't show every attribute and operation - only the important ones. Don't draw sequence diagrams for all use cases and scenarios - only ... you get the picture."

Patterns and XP Joshua Kerievsky

Quotes GOF's concluding remarks : "Design Patterns provide targets for your refactorings."

Learn XP : Host a Boot Camp Christian Wege and Frank Gerhardt

"As workshop instructors we had the coach and the customer roles at the same time. It was not always easy to make the separation between these two roles visible for the participants. Maybe a real hat would have helped."

The Expert-in-Earshot Project Management Pattern Alistair Cockburn

The Costs and Benefits of Pair Programming Alistair Cockburn and Laurie Williams

Discuss eight aspects : Economics, Satisfaction, Design Quality, Continuous Reviews, Problem Solving, Learning, Team Building and Communication, Staff and Project Management. Full text