Tangential comments about Software Development

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Worth its weight

I was reading Programming ASP.Net MVC 4 by Chadwick, Snyder and Panda on the top deck of a number 40 bus. Between pages 119 and 127 there were six places where I marked the book, and then stared out of the window to assess the significance of what I'd read. An observation about JSON hijacks, a technique for Mustache templating and a C# syntax trick I'd not seen before.

I never get that information density from blogs. Yes, there are many useful ones, but this was the perfect case of how the old school discipline of writing for a printed publication wins over the easeful but lax internet model.

The following day I packed for a work trip to Australia and New Zealand. I brought the book along because it is worth the extra weight.