Tangential comments about Software Development

Monday, November 29, 2010

Role Play Your Worst Enemy

This is a record of an Open Space session at XPDay 2010 in London.

The group shouted out a few difficult conversations they'd been part of. Then a pair of volunteers acted out that conversation. The rest of us watched, and afterwards discussed our reactions.

Here are the opening line for the conversations:
I don't want to Pair Program!
The tests must inject these thousand objects into the system!
Why do we have to have so much documentation?

I was pleased by the session, with fascinating suggestions and challenges coming from everyone there. Personally, I had to face up to a willingness to "sideline" someone in order to move the project along.

Thanks to all who were there: Ikenna, Liz, Ian, Benjamin, David, Nader and Squirrel.