Tangential comments about Software Development

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SquareOnBoard Wordle

Wordle of code. This is heavily commented for Intellisense, causing the popularity of see, summary and returns. The class itself, SquareOnBoard, is more common than other classes such as MGCell or ExportParameter so not too bad on the feature envy front. I see there are both string.Empty and String.Empty, and we're using null rather than a Null object.

Here's a second class. In this case I got Wordle to include common words, so if appears. I also used the alphabetic sort option. This one has no Intellisense comments. The effect of these changes is to see that I use r and c variables, and increment both with ++. The class itself, Surface, is hardly mentioned while the work it does is clearly on squares of various sorts. m is actually the m_ prefix on a member variable.

What fun is!