Tangential comments about Software Development

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Seven Wastefulness

I'm reading Mary and Tom Poppendieck's Implementing Lean Software Development, which I recommend highly.

Confession time : here's how my development process on my landlords' website looks in terms of the Seven Wastes (p.74)

Partially Done Work is pretty good. I tend to select modifications that can be done fully in the session I have available.

Extra Features is good, because I am harsh about what I will add. After all, it's free software.

Relearning is problematic. I have to remind myself all sorts of things about MySql and the website database layer each time I work on it.

Handoffs is not a problem, because I don't hand off the work to anyone.

Task Switching is good when I'm working on a feature.

Delays is of course a problem. When exactly will I address that particular issue? Today? This week?

Defects is a challenge, because of the distance between me and the users and because some problems are related to the loading on the server. Some user somewhere has a quote key that breaks my SQL insert statement. What can I do about that?