Tangential comments about Software Development

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not Pair Programming in iOS and Github

This afternoon has been interesting and dynamic, as my colleague and I sat side-by-side, coding away. Not pair-programming at a purist level, as we each had a computer. But successful in a different way.

Lots of little commits and pulls. Github is working well for us. So a utility function was prepared, pushed on its own, and later pulled down.

Some "race you" coding, when in parallel we tried to find a solution. For instance, a nice way to trigger a look-up-value segue on a UITextField. Once either had it working, the other commented until we were both happy (purist pairing) and then commit, discard all changes and pull.

One occasion was dictate-twenty-lines when that was both efficient and helpful to check that the approach was suitable.

Also good learning curve stuff. I'm finding storyboards hard work, but was able to make a start, then get my pair to help with the constraint voodoo. 

A productive afternoon, and a good working method.