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Friday, April 20, 2007

XP Customers : 9 plus 9

Credit where credit is due : these come from the presentation Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus by Angela Martin, Robert Biddle and James Noble at XPDay 2006.

Nine Key Roles

  1. Geek Interpreter : talk to the XP programmers

  2. Technical Liaison : talk to the IT department

  3. Political Adviser : identify key players and rules

  4. Acceptance Tester : is it good enough?

  5. UI Designer : does it look OK?

  6. Technical Writer : do we need documentation?

  7. Diplomat : are all views represented?

  8. Super-Secretary : get all stories written down and followed up

  9. Negotiator : agree trade-offs in order to keep moving

Nine Customer Practices

  1. Programmer On-Site : they should see what the business looks like

  2. Customer Apprentice : help writing stories, attending meetings

  3. Programmer Holiday : if the development gets ahead, the geeks take a break

  4. Story Standards : write them in a consistent way

  5. Show and Tell : keep the sponsors informed

  6. Customer Pairing : work with another

  7. Customer Counselor : get help with your role

  8. Look Before You Leap : have a business case and a release plan

  9. Three Month Calibration : expect a sanity / progress check at 3 months