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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The largest hidden gem in London

Stockwell Bus Garage

Of course you know it's there, it's just that you've never seen it. A stadium sized concrete structure hidden away in a back street, magnificently doing the job is was built to do.

Stockwell Bus Garage is a landmark building in London. Archictecturally perfect and completely unaffected by the heritage industry. A fair sprinkling of graffiti but that's no more offensive than the plethora of official signs forbidding unauthorised access.

It was a mediocre grey day when I walked over to the garage, stopping to photograph the blue plaque for Dan Leno. So the photo does not do it justice. If you want to see it, turn left out of Stockwell tube and take the second left turn. Better would be to use the 196 or P5 bus.

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